During 2021, I have been working on a montage project called, “the earth the colour of a hare”. In this project, I take literary inspiration from seventeenth and eighteenth century writers, antiquarians, and diarists, for my series of montage pictures. My inspiration is drawn from the world of John Aubrey, Thomas Hearne, Reverend Gilbert White, Parson James Woodforde, and even more.

The project title, “the earth the colour of a hare”, comes from the work of antiquarian, John Aubrey, 1626-1697. In The Natural History of Wiltshire, he uses this phrase to evoke the appearance of the soil between Gloucester and Chippenham.

I concentrate on thought worlds, landscapes, people, and atmospheres, to create jewel-like, imaginative worlds, and abstract landscapes, with subtle allusions. I make all my artwork made by hand, using scissors, tweezers, paper, card, and glue. Do get in touch, if you have any comments.

Picture one
Picture two
Picture three
Picture four
Picture five
Picture six

Picture three